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Bid writing courses are now available!!

Updated: Mar 14

With so many options to choose from, today

we are asking “Why choose our Bid Writing



Bid writing courses are now available

Organisations are constantly seeking to get ahead of their competition, and for many,

this means developing their in-house bid writing expertise. The ability to write a strong

and competitive bid is a highly specialised skill which can have very lucrative results.

Therefore, those tasked with writing bids must receive the very best training, to secure

the most advantageous outcomes.


By simply doing a quick internet search, it is clear that there are a plethora

of options for those seeking bid writing training. So what makes Crest

recommendations to Bid Writing Workshops different from the others?

  • Our Bid Writing Workshops are delivered in a highly interactive way. We not only tell you what to do to, but crucially, how to actually do it. We focus on how to write a bid and successfully develop content. Delegates receive practical, hands-on, relevant information, packed with constructive tips and feedback, with ample time to have questions answered by someone who is highly experienced in actually writing winning bids.

  • Our courses have been developed around industry best practise, input from procurement teams, and our years of knowledge and experience as bid writers in over 125 sectors ourselves.

  • We offer a variety of courses, from an Introduction to Bidding course, to our one-day Bid Writing Workshop or our two-day Bid/Tender Masterclass, amongst others. Whatever level of experience and knowledge a delegate has, there is a course relevant to their requirements.

  • Our courses earn delegates CPD points, for which a certificate is received.

  • Bid writing courses are now available!!


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